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gauging situational prerequisites Empty gauging situational prerequisites

Post  Rob Burnett on Thu Dec 01, 2011 2:00 am

On how much force or brutality a situation needs:

The last three self defense situations I have been in have been resolved without striking, wrestling, joint locking, shooting, stabbing, or any other kind of extreme violence.
Two were avoided just by not offering any violence to aggressive drunk/drugged up people looking for fights.
The other was resolved by gently touching someone who was going to attack another person, in such a way that prevented them punching, while talking to them gently and getting the situation dealt with.

I haven't been in a fist fight in 7 years and the last one I was in, no one got hit directly, although a couple fists were thrown, I got clipped on the ear, but that was it.
Before that, I lost a fight in highschool at a party and got a black eye.

The two situations involving me getting in fist fight situations were largely because two people agreed to fight (how stupid is that?) and emotions flared up.
the situations I was able to avoid non violently were as a result of someone wanting to fight and me being able to keep my cool under pressure.

however, as someone brought up on another board a while ago, this is not always possible, since some people are psychopaths or they want something so badly that they will kill you for it.
So this brings me around to the question: how does one gauge how much force is needed in a situation and at exactly what moment to take what action?
I will post my own thoughts on it later, but first I want to hear some veterans with more experience than I.
Of course those with less experience should also be welcome to join, since we all have some valuable insight.

Looking forward to the answers


Rob Burnett

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Post  Brian L. Kennedy on Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:52 pm

This is a very interesting issue and one that often comes to my attention as a judge. About once a week in small claims court I will have a fist fight case. One guy will be suing the other for medical costs/lost wages/pain&suffering. As a judge my first task is to figure out (or try and figure out) who started it, whether the other side acted in legit self defense and whether either side escalated it into a crime (battery/felony assault with great body injury).

Beyond the legal aspects it also is an interesting problem in self defense teaching. In fact it is one of the core problems in self defense. It is the problem of making a snap decision about is the "game on"....or not. I have long pondered the problem and the one conclusion I have come to is---it is a tough problem that has no "black and white rule" to it. The other thing I would say is, emotion (in particular the twin emotions of fear and fury) are going to be driving the situation on both sides (you and the other dude). That places a real value on what we might loosely call "fighters emotional training".

take care,

Brian L. Kennedy

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Post  Matt_Stampe on Sat Apr 14, 2012 12:13 am

Since this is a tactics and mindset category, I'd like to mention the highest level of mindset is mindful or aware in the present moment. Mindful of where you are in time and space. Aware, neutral, centered, grounded, lawful (insightful towards Law of karma, Laws of Nature, Laws of physics, Laws of God or Higher Power, and Laws of Man and Earth), compassionate, and wise (wisdom) at all times. An alert vigilance, not geared toward violence, but on helping people. If you cant help people, don't hurt them. If you have to hurt someone, hopefully it is protecting someone who weaker than that person, or yourself and family. Fighting really needs to be done in the ring as sanctioned sport within a rules.

Unfortunately nobody is perfect and can succumb to the emotional mind, stresses, and pressures that can make you do unwise and angry actions. Do the right thing and learn from your mistakes. People, places, and things have a huge affect on what can happen to you in life. Don't get me wrong, I've had my fair share of fights outside the ring on the streets, and dealing with bullies, drunks, parties gone crazy, fights in soccer games, friends become enemies, enemies become friends from physical fights. The wheel of life changes, the only thing that doesn't change, is change itself.

If there is going to be a tactic in the fighting disciplines, then simply obey the "Wu De'' that is Martial code, virtues, and follow tradition. Respect, sincerity, humility, endurance, perseverance, courage and honor are worthy and valuable traits that can carry you far in life.
The study of these fighting arts and tactics to give you techniques that can seriously hurt someone.

I believe that actions have consequences and fights can be really bad decisions that can cause a person to suffer in many ways: spiritual, physical, legal, mental, and emotional traumas. This takes discipline and diligence to control one self, actions, thoughts, and behaviors to not create negative situations and energy ultimately.

Easier said than done.



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gauging situational prerequisites Empty Re: gauging situational prerequisites

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