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Hi from southern Taiwan Empty Hi from southern Taiwan

Post  Hermann Bohn on Fri Nov 25, 2011 8:47 pm

Hi all,
my name is Hermann Bohn, a German living in Taiwan, also known as taiwandeutscher.
Spent some 23 yrs. in the greater China area, 19 yrs. and counting in Taiwan, where I teach as a language prof at a national university.
MA-wise, I train 4 different Yang-, 3 different Chen-sytles of Taijiquan.
Did the usual PHs circuit for a few yrs., got some prices, gave it up totally.
Did some southern Taizuquan, Miaodao and other weapons, also a bit test cutting.
Have basics of Hebei Wuxingquan, Cheng style Bagua mother palms and now concentrate on Gong Baotian style Bagua. Short drills for quick finishes and lots of jibengong to stay fit.
2 or 3 serious challanges with Chinese, in Beijing I needed 15 stitches after an unfair (lol) stuff encounter, in Taiwan, I got my but kicked by a Xingyi practitioner, but I also won a bit.
Nowadays, I see myself as semi-retired, report on comps over here for German mags, try to stay alert and youngish, save power by training inwardly for the worst case scenario. Also get into neigong and sitting more and more as I get older (53 yrs.).
Wonder about being able to contribute something up-to-date on this forum, but thanks for the invitation anyway.

Sorry mods, could you add my post under intros, thanks!

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