Shuai Jiao ideas and techniques

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Shuai Jiao ideas and techniques

Post  David A Ross on Sat Dec 17, 2011 1:22 pm

I've been trying for a while to get Shihfu John Wang to come over here and participate. Over the years, I've copied a number of his posts into a folder. The following are things he wrote (do NOT credit me!)

Old Chinese sayings

Quan Da Liang Bu Zhi
Your skill will work better if your opponent doesn't know you

Yi Li Sheng Shi Hui
strength can defeat 10 best techniques

John Wang:
"To use the minimum amount of force to achieve the maximum result" can only work if you are much better than your opponent. When you and your opponent are on the same level, whoever is stronger will win.

会打快(Hui Da Kuai), 快打慢(Kuai Da Man), 慢打不会(Man Da Bu Hui)
- skill defeats fast, fast defeats slow, slow defeats no skill

John Wang:
Skill + power + speed = best combat result.

In Chinese throwing art, there are "4 sides and 2 doors". A good example of 4 sides are:

Side 1. "切(Qie) - front cut", use right leg to hook the outside of your opponent's right leg.

Side 2. "刀(Dao) - inner sickle", use right leg to hook the inside of your opponent's right leg.

Side 3. "合(He) - inner hook", use right leg to hook the inside of your opponent's left leg.

Side 4. "削(Xiao) - sickle hook", use right leg to hook the outside of your opponent's left leg.

Of course you can reverse 1 and 4, 2 and 3, it won't make any difference. The "4 sides and 2 doors" can divide Chinese throws into 6 different categories which can make the teaching and learning easier.


I will consider the following skills as "how to control your opponent's head and neck" and not throws or takedowns.

抹(Mo) - Wiping - use palm edge to press on forehead or back of neck.
摘(Zai) - Helmet taking - use fingers to pull forehead back.
摀(Wu) - Face covering - use hand to push on face or chin.
速(Su) - Forehead push - use both hands to push on forehead.
環(Huan) - Neck surrounding - head lock.
托(Tuo) - Chin pushing - use palm to push chin or side of jaw.
封(Feng) - Throat blocking - use hand or elbow to push on throat.

David A Ross
David A Ross

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Re: Shuai Jiao ideas and techniques

Post  Paul Sacramento on Mon Dec 19, 2011 3:02 pm

John has always been spot on, as must guys with hands-on practical experience tend to be.
I remember when I was a young and naive kid starting judo and I said that size doesn't matter and my coach said, " why are their weight divisions?".
Having fought in open weight categories in Judo and in kyokushin, as well as early vale tudo matches I can say, 100% SIZE matters.
How MUCH it matters depends on the skill level of course, but it ALWAYS matters.

Paul Sacramento

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