Best Taijiquan training methods?

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Best Taijiquan training methods? Empty Best Taijiquan training methods?

Post  Darin Hamel on Sun Jun 03, 2012 10:05 pm

The first time I tried to test my Taiji skill it was with a High School wrestler and I was in my 20's. I asked him to take me down to the ground. This was just after the first UFC and I was sure he couldn't do it. He did of course and I went down hard. Instead of getting discouraged I just practiced rooting and standing more and eventually got really hard to sweep or take down. I know I lack finishing moves and don't really want them. I am all about evasions, yielding and being the immovable object when I need to be.

I was wondering what other training techniques you guys use to train real skill?

Darin Hamel

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Best Taijiquan training methods? Empty Hi Darin

Post  Admin on Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:06 pm


One of my earlier teachers who taught 'Taiji San shou' had us do various open palm striking techniques with another guy holding a think duck taped phone book. The palm strike is direct from the form. It can be done with palm or use mma gloves for a fist.

the jab/lead palm strike is from "Open Fan" in Yang Taiji.
the straight right/cross palm is from "brush knee".
the hook/slap is from "single whip"
and the uppercut/palm- "seven stars".

try: single strikes, then combination of strikes but think mechanics, whole body movement, and transfer of power and weight from rear leg to lead leg.

You just work the techniques slow and exact and speed up when you get comfortable you got it "down pat". You can also use a heavy bag for these as well. Later move on to a guy holding a focus mitt and moving around.

Here is a friend and I playing around with this technique.:


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Best Taijiquan training methods? Empty Western Tai Chi Ch'uan

Post  ANGELSGYMSINGH on Sun Dec 23, 2012 1:36 pm

I love the response training to this question of dealing with an High-level grappler or inded any pugilist who integrates stiking and grappling in the four scenarios of standup, Clutch, Takedown and Ground. These situations are well covered in Modern Pankration and have a Western basis for being called a Western Version of The Supreme Ultimate Fist. Greek Acrocherishmos, later evoling into Greco-Roman Wrestling and the Volstanges Ring Buch (I6 Century) are awesome versions of the Supreme Ultimate Fist to even have internal practices of preventive health. Much of this has been lost in the mid-20th Century to all except ardent Warrior Scholars interested in the epistomology of pugilism. Taiji Quan or the Supreme Ultimate Fist exists adequately in Wudang, Shaolin and Hellenistic methods of boxing...

I have been dealing with the application of Taiji Quan in the Modern Pankration or CQC scenarios. When one masters an active step which encompasses circular and linear movement which is coupled with ducking, bobbing, Weaving and Sprawling then one can feel confident in acting upon Wu Mengxia's idea coming from the Yin Yang Song: When one feels heaviness in lightness then do not easily remain.

I once saw UFC Veteran Josh Neers conducting a MMA Sparring Session. They were moving at 50% speed but performing striking and grappling with deliberate contact. It was beautiful. They were doing every principle of Taiji Quan I had ever learned about. Following, Linking, Adhering, Stiking, Never Releasing or Resist the Wu family ing, blocking, parrying, intercepting and swollowing..... It is in the swollow that one finds defense against the takedown. The Wu Style does this very well as the standing posture has a slight lean like a inside fighter with the philly boxing style... but the Wu way must be integrated with rarely transmitted silkreeling methods that Wu family members never show. However I figured them out.... if one can integrate western boxing with Wu style.... it is done with some eailier work I have evaluated..... take a look at this and see what you think....

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Best Taijiquan training methods? Empty Re: Best Taijiquan training methods?

Post  Admin on Fri Dec 28, 2012 4:26 pm

When the first UFCs came around, several of my friends started taking Brazilian Juijitsu. A few friendly sparring matches resulted in me making efforts to not go to the ground and remain in top position while the opponent had back to the ground. My feet were in a sprawled position, but I was in a more "ground and pound" position. This all came from:
1. the will and desire to not go to the ground and play their game. (i have no desire to try to play the grappling game with them.)
2. keep trying to root and remain in a position to deliver strikes (which require some good standing.)


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Best Taijiquan training methods? Empty Re: Best Taijiquan training methods?

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