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Post  Matt_Stampe on Wed Jan 11, 2012 4:01 pm

On days when I take the metro to and from work. I am getting a great deal of training going in. One is simply standing around (arms down but rooting in either a non obvious empty stance or gong bu) while waiting for metro train. (this is done often when shopping at mall with wife and standing in grocery store line). Another standing is while on the train itself while it speeds down the track. I tend to get toward the center of the train, face the direction the train is going, and take a San Ti stance (without hands down of course) and root down and test balance. I have a hand ready to catch a rail in case train brakes or rocks so i don't fall on someone. Then the walk home involves an exercise type of walking using beng chuan or martial walking.

It can make legs and body pretty sore cause the whole thing takes a good amount of time to get home and I don't make it obvious I am training. Just low key "hidden" training. The average person wouldn't notice.


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Post  AthenaW on Thu Aug 09, 2012 1:53 pm

Lots of fun! Transportation and waiting for transportation or waiting in line can take up so much of your day! I personally love bus surfing and find it to be great training! Our local skytrain isn't all that challenging as it is quite smooth.. however the buses most definitely are. I haven't mastered corners yet that is for sure lol. I do enjoy trying to get from the front of the bus to the back without a problem or stumbling after the bus starts, especially interesting on the double length ones. While waiting for the bus I used to always circle walk, especially in the winter since it helps to keep warm. I have gotten much more shy lately though and now I just stick with balancing on one leg or the other for as long as I possibly can. I also do this while standing in line. There is also the little leg sweep bit in the form that I seem to use to fidget when standing still, I don't mean to do it, and I'm sure all my friends think I'm nuts by now Wink.


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