Bagua: Means to an End book review

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Bagua: Means to an End book review Empty Bagua: Means to an End book review

Post  Matt_Stampe on Tue Jan 27, 2015 6:13 pm

Bagua: means to an End.

Bagua: Means to an End book review 41HKERxttDL

Book was really good and it read like a good warning to those who train to quickly and skip some of the basics and foundations. I took some of the warnings personally having had some experience in both Traditional and “Wushu bagua”. I can see some of my mistakes he discusses with “up and down” and leaning, and quick turnings not having solid foundation in mud stepping and trying to perform in a fast and hurried manner. It has made me re-analyze and get back to the drawing board in regards to working “slow and exact” in rooted stepping and reexamine what my traditional teachers have taught.

I like how he says:
“Work towards good form, good fighting, and good teaching ability.”

He covers a lot of Qigong including:
Qigong 5 element:
Ermei shan shen shu (mountain spirit method) and a lot more.

He also covers:
8 palms.
8 mother palms.
Circle patterns and goes into forms an apps of the Jiang Roug Qiao Bagua and applications.

Sifu mike demonstrates some of the Tian Gans, Partner training, RSPCT system for fighters using Bagua.
He covers Rou shou- listen, change, move, yin-yang within rou shou.
He makes Suggestions on a Rou shou progression from light to heavy type sparring.

All-in-all another great book to have in your internal arts library.


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