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Post  jimbob on Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:27 am

Hi All

Just popping in to introduce myself. I started in CLF in 1978 with a junior teacher out of Singapore's Hong Seng Koon. In 1988/89 I began learning Cheng Man Ching tai chi with a student of Sia Mock Tie and Huang Sheng Shyan. I fought a little in open tournaments in South East asia around this time (1991-92). I still try and practice what I can remember, although most of my time these days is spent teaching Japanese Taiko drumming (in Germany's Black Forest - talk about a clashing of cultures!).

I sadly haven't had a great deal of opportunity to go as deeply as I'd like with my tai chi. My teacher is a wonderful man, but didn't believe in any more than form and pushing hands, and I feel I've missed a lot of application type training. I am good friends with the karate historian Pat McCarthy, and his ideas of reverse engineering forms have helped me a lot in understanding what I'm doing, but there are still plenty of holes.

I'm not teaching and I'm not fighting anymore - it's only for me and my own practice but I've joined this board to interact with more knowledgeable people than myself.

I've also lately developed a strong interest in circle walking. I'm not attempting to teach myself bagua - I guess I just like going around in circles!

Anyway - that's it from me. I'm nobody special or world famous - just a lifelong enthusiast. Hello to you all. I tend not to post unless I feel I can add to the conversation, but I'll be here enjoying what I'm reading from others.

Cheers from Schwarzwald in Germany!


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