The case for sparring and keeping good partners

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The case for sparring and keeping good partners Empty The case for sparring and keeping good partners

Post  Admin on Fri Dec 28, 2012 4:15 pm

Someone asked why I am not "imposing my will" when i am sparring and just attacking dudes:

Thanks for the thoughtful email. I really liked your will imposing strategy. I do use that in my fights "in the ring" or at least try to but not sparring classes with team mates/friends for a few reasons:

1. It is hard to find good sparring partners, so don't hurt them.
2. Don't intimidate your sparring partner, play clean and help build their confidence as well as yours.
3. Aggressive jerk sparring partners don't last long, and its ok to sting them good to show them whose boss once in a while as they get out-of-line.
4. Our school of thought is to be better fighters through sparring, an injured or quitting sparring buddy, affects your own progress.
5. The group of people i spar with are already experienced with being at different schools where there are many aggressive sparring partners with big egos and want to spar with people with same 'safety standard' of sparring. video taping the progress as well.
6. When sparring partners ramp up power and energy on each other, and bring emotion into the game, and it gets out of control, you are both wasting each others time and energy. Losing a good sparring partner as well.
7. Sparring comes with different gear, flooring, and different strategies- example: boxing sparring ( 14 oz. gloves and ring) punching, mma sparring (8 oz gloves and cage) stand up/ground fighting, judo sparring (gi and mats) throwing.
8. Sparring is versatile and customizing for all levels: beginner drills, technical drills, and straight up sparring.
9. Sparring requires a coach or ref to time, sets the pace of drills, and monitor sparring.
10. You should not have to fear sparring if you are under guidance of a competent instructor who actively spars or has sparred/competed, understands the true meaning of the game and art, and develops a legacy of good fighters.
11. Sparring is the next level in martial arts, do you think forms and katas with make you Complete? Two person drills are the foundations of your martial arts, progress it with sparring/randori/rolling, etc.
12. Sparring increases your ability to use reflexes, and every core action your muscles and bones can make, challenges breathing, vision, balance, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, nerves, your gut instincts and mind to make adjustments, and gauge the actions required for various situations.
13. There are infinite motions that are used in sparring, free movement and actions from motions that are millimeter, centimeter, inches, feet, in various ranges, using different limbs, using geometry, points, lines, arcs, leverage, and other organic, natural principles and laws of physics.


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