Sets: taiji warm ups, qigong and neigong

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Sets: taiji warm ups, qigong and neigong Empty Sets: taiji warm ups, qigong and neigong

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While taking a hiatus from fight training, I've managed to spend some time documenting several sets of taiji warm-ups, Seasonal qigong, Taoist yoga, Wudang neigong, I've picked up from several teachers I diligently trained with on the path for several years. I have added sample videos. Though some might think why am I giving it out for free, well not really, there are details not explained and not all exercises are included, but I do show most of the sets. Additionally they are simple health and flexibility exercises and supplementary warm-ups and are not the core part of our fight training. Please enjoy them here:

Taiji- warm ups, supplementary training and stretching:

Wudang neigong, seasonal qigong, other:

If you are a serious practitioner and bored with your training and need something new to try, try one of the warm-ups and qigong. Advanced practitioners should be able to follow along and get results. Take a 90 day challenge, then move on.


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