2011 Koushu Lei Tai Fights Baltimore Maryland

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2011 Koushu Lei Tai Fights Baltimore Maryland

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 10, 2011 12:51 pm

There were a lot of new teams and some old teams returned this year. The light 135-143lb and middle light 143-155LB both had 8 men in each division. there was an upper class like middle heavy that had about 6 or 7. There was a strong showing by teams that always come- 2 Richard Lee's west coast team and partner school, Zhongyi school, the Local US Koushu/Tien Shan Pai school in Maryland, Columbia Maryland Wing Chun school. The Canadian Shaolin team which I hadnt seen in a while is back, and another hard hitting Canadian team (Glen's team) name escapes me at the moment, The Canadian White Crane school also had a fighter. there was a really strong team from Hung Gar Switzerland that had a strong pool of fighters, Peaceful dragon in North Carolina had 3 or 4 fighters. Wah Lum in Florida had a fighter or two.

Thats all I have for fights I was only there from 3pm to 5:30 pm then had to leave, I didnt get the Masters Demo or some of the finals.


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