What I can learn from the Old school boxers

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What I can learn from the Old school boxers Empty What I can learn from the Old school boxers

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My first martial arts teacher Wilson has a boxing blog. He had trained at Joe Fraziers Boxing school in Philly when he was a teenager. He later learned Tai Chi, Pakua, and Hsingyi with several teachers, mainly Robert Smith. He has a passion for fighting and martial arts and he writes some very good stories on old school boxers. Here are a few articles and what I extracted from the articles:

Bare Knuckle fight training:
Sullivans training
What I can take from the article:

abstinence and exercise, exercise and abstinence:

6-12 mile walks with running at the end.

for fight- detox, lose weight, and get recovery massages.
- lay low on sparring.
- mentally walk through every aspect of fight.
- medicine ball hitting: timing and footwork.
- take down defense with wrestling.

take a saturday:
- 10 mile walk
- 2 mile run
- 15 minute tread water
- light dumbell workout
- boxing work out
- skip rope

Trainer Charles “Pop” Foster and Jimmy McLarnin-http://pluguglysboxingblog.blogspot.com/2010/11/mclarnin-petrolle-greatest-fight-seen.html

No weight training at all- it will slow you down.

Training: speed- "off feet and hands."

-footwork: saw dust floor.

-stance chin tucked, hands blazing.

-snappy left jab.

-strong rt. Cross

-stand in gap and get out.

-avoid getting hit.


3 rounds sparring,

3 rounds heavy bag,

3 rounds light bag.

Cross training- fishing nets, rowing boat, running.

Left hand training- throw darts, bounce ball.

McLarnin was trained old school way- no weights, no long hours of hard work as to not over train, trainer did not hire sparring partners and other special trainers.

Trainer Jack Hurley and Billy Petrolle

-turn away from rt.. hand and throw counter rt.

- draw the rt. Cross and weave under and counter left hook.

-short jab and miss, when opponent swarms in: counter cross.

Charley Goldman--http://pluguglysboxingblog.blogspot.com/2012/02/charley-goldman.html
Wilson writes:

“In exercising the muscles, this very important fact should be kept in mind: The external muscles must not be built up at the expense of the internal ones. To try to do so may produce very dangerous conditions.” Charley Goldman

"Goldman taught them to counter the left hook with the right hand and foot movement [stepping over to the right]. He taught them to use positioning, of hands, head and feet, and to block vision in the opponent’s left eye with the jab before letting the right hand go. Defensively he taught fighters how to adjust the gap by inches, how to ride back with a jab so it didn’t land, how to roll with a punch so it didn’t land with any power and then you were still in range for the counter. These are almost lost arts now. "

Bobby "The schoolboy"

Wilson writes:
"The reason he needs to be studied today is because of what he was able to achieve in the ring by relaxing, moving his head and making the opponent miss, and generating snap on his punches. These are rapidly becoming lost arts as each new generation of fighters seems to be tenser and “muscle it” more than the last.

Also, he should be studied because of his great command of the basics and his ability, time after time, to overcome adversity by using those fundamentals. His balance, his shot placement and selection, his ability to find the critical distance, his foot work and angulation, his uncanny ability to hide on the inside, I could go on and on. "- Wilson Pitts

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What I can learn from the Old school boxers Empty Re: What I can learn from the Old school boxers

Post  Eric_Koeppen on Mon Apr 09, 2012 1:40 pm

Read that whole blog.
It was a nice read.
Thanks for sharing.


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