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Post  David A Ross on Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:46 am

Just a quick post that might fuel some good conversation

I actually recently had a conversation about this same topic, which lead me to conclude that we actually do three kinds of footwork

1) solo practice

2) partner distance practice

3) partner connected practice

I think if you think about it enough, most CMA have these three forms in training.

in solo practice, we learn the basics, including
1) moving forward (to close the distance)
2) moving backward (to maintain the distance)
3) side to side movement (for "riding")
4) moving forward at angles (7 star stepping)
5) evading at angles
6) changing level (ducking, jumping, crouching, etc)
7) falling and rolling

pretty much ALL of these are practice detached with partners. Learning how to read/feel the other person and responding/anticipating them.

When we are attached, we can move forward, we can move backward and we can move side to side. We can also create angles and evade at angles. However, in my personal opinion the most important thing is the (5 star stepping), which is the 5 ways to step and the 2 ways to never step.

This is a start
David A Ross
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