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Post  Chris Jurak, PT on Fri Mar 30, 2012 1:37 pm

Greetings all; my name is Chris Jurak, PT; as I said on another thread, some here already know me from "the other" (ahem) forum...

Anyway, one of my favorite axe's to gind is in regards to what you could call the physiology of qigong; meaning that, how does one look at classical qigong practice utiizing the concepts of contemporary understanding of human anatomy, physiology and biomechancis?

In my experience, many people have posited that due to the paradigm out of which qigong practice arises (e.g. - Taoist Alchemical practice), many are of the opinion that qigong can never be adequately explained from a so-called "western" or "scientific" perspective.

I strongly disagree.

In my personal experience, I have found this to be anything but true. When I say personal experience, I mean based on both my personal practice of classical qigong in conjunction with my professional practice as a manually-oriented PT (mostly osteopathic); additionally, I have studied areas such as tensegrity, complex systems, etc., which I feel are germane to the topic.

That said, if anyone is interested in discussing this topic, I am happy to do so. However, I will NOT engage in discussion unless a few caveats are met. First off, anyone who wants to take the position that you can't describe qigong from a so-called "western" or "scientific" perspective need not engage me. I am not going to argue this. OTOH, if you are unsure of HOW this might be done, and are open-minded about it, then that's fine. But I am not going to entertain discussion with anyone who thinks that qigong is something inexplicable and inherently superior to current understanding of the human organism and the environment within which it works.

Second, if you are of the belief that qigong can heal anything and everything, I am not getting into that either; like any system of health and healing, qigong has various benefits. But it is NOT a cure-all, regardless of what you heard about your sister's uncle's cousin's best friend's experience of healing his anal warts using qi-emission...

Thirdly, if you are of the belief that "qi" is a distinct entity that can be individually separated, measured and shot out of your fingertips at other people, we won't have much to talk about. IMPO, "qi" is a metaphorical descriptor. It is a functional methodology of talking about the amalgam of various physiological processes. It is comprised of phenomena in the body such as heat, bioelectricity, neuroendocrine function and other attributes. But it is not a thing in and of itself, and Unicorns do not fart it out in order to fly over the rainbow...

Otherwise, I'm good to go. Smile

Chris Jurak, PT

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Qigong in a Current Context Empty Re: Qigong in a Current Context

Post  David A Ross on Fri Mar 30, 2012 2:19 pm

Great to have you here Chris... let's hope we have a lot of good discussions
David A Ross
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