Year of Dragon Candle meditation

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Year of Dragon Candle meditation Empty Year of Dragon Candle meditation

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Vibration of the Dragon 2012 Feng shuai candle ritual.

In the year of the Dragon the vibration is that of success and overcoming an adversary. Get on top and stay there because success can be short lived. Decide what you really want and let your higher power: Tao/Oracle/God/Buddha/Protector/Allah/whatever you call upon to help fulfill the miracles you want in this lifetime.

You will need to buy:
2 white candles- one is your ‘dragon candle’. The other represents:
1. White: Purity, protection.
2. Lime/light green candle- influence family.
3. Bright yellow- improves memory and comprehension.
4. Sacred Orange- business advancement and recognition.
5. Black- returns bad energy back to enemy/curse enemy. (yikes! careful! karma is a bitch, sending bad energy will return bad energy 10 fold. Not recommended.)

Candle Ritual #1- “Sacred Dragon candle” this will be burned first and last to put out.

Hold white candle in right hand: repeat- “It is with confidence and trust that I send all negative vibrations within my existence into the cosmic cycle of the dragon.”
Transfer candle to left hand: repeat-“The cosmic dragon protects and guards my existence. No evil can enter my world while the fiery Dragon power burns before me. And so it is!”

Bow 3X – 1st give thanks to Guardian dragon of the past, 2nd give thanks to the dragon protection of present, 3rd give thanks to protection of the Dragon in all future endeavors. And so it is! Meditate in silence.

Part #2: Now Burn one of your colored candle based on whatever intention you need in your life: White- purity, Black-curse enemy, Yellow-Mind concentration, Lime-family influence, Orange-business success.
Take the colored candle in right hand and light it with the White dragon candle, and place it to the right of the Dragon candle.

Sit in mediation posture with hands in lap and repeat, “I command the powerful Dragon to hear and answer my request.” (State your request, so that it matches the color of your candle) and sit in meditation for 5 minutes in silence. At the end of your request, Give thanks to the Dragon and blow out colored candle. Now blow out the first white “Dragon” candle.


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