Post a sample of your San Shou training

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Post a sample of your San Shou training

Post  Lawrence Edward on Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:24 pm

Running drills- side, back, and karoke.
Hopping drill- front/back, switch lunges, forward check kicks, backward check kicks.
Jump knee
Shadow box: punch, kick, throws.

2 three minute fast and hard pad work:
Hooks,jab-cross, uppercuts, low hooks, low kicks, high kicks, double body kick, push kick-round kick. Take down: double and single leg variations.

4 three minute rounds of technique sparring.
what worked: punch and body lift, sweep leg. punch or kick and single/double leg.
what didnt work as well: knee taps and major hip throws were less successful.

Shuai jiao: review what worked or failed in technique sparring-
1. Knee taps.
2. Step back head control and under arm throw vs. a double leg.
3. Neck throw.
4. Snake down throw. Sweep leg and single leg turn variation.
5. Weave under arm throw.

Burn out: 20 each-
V ups,
T push up,
Squat kicks,
Leg lift,
Hindu push up,
Russian twist,
Plank variations: elbow to push up planks.

Lawrence Edward

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Re: Post a sample of your San Shou training

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 18, 2012 8:29 pm

sometimes people dont share what they are training, but most will share some general public information.

A good system should have strength training, a little bit of bag work, shadow boxing, mitt work, shuai chiao throw work, situational sparring, light, medium,and heavy sparring... and all the good conditioning and nutritional info a fighter needs.


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Re: Post a sample of your San Shou training

Post  David A Ross on Sat Mar 03, 2012 3:26 am

I think those that train to compete are not going to give away trade secrets but all successful training has some common elements

1. Introduction of basics

2. Use of equipment to drill basics

3. Partner work to teach application

4. Free practice to develop real skill

5. Physical conditioning

6. Strategy and theory training
David A Ross
David A Ross

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Re: Post a sample of your San Shou training

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