Fundamentals: the hands (Da = striking)

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Fundamentals: the hands (Da = striking) Empty Fundamentals: the hands (Da = striking)

Post  David A Ross on Sat Dec 03, 2011 1:55 am

While my methods have been influenced by western boxing and Muay Thai (where Muay Thai is concerned, mostly elbow work and the integration of elbows with punches in combinations), the base/core of what we do is Lama Pai. As I said previously, what we have absorbed from other methods has been techniques which work within our existing framework, that agree with our methods of power generation, that advance and compliment our strategies and give us more options within our "world view"

As I mentioned in my footwork post, our stance is spring like. However, our legs are very important to our power generation. The hands are coordinated with the elbows and the shoulders, which are coordinated with the hips and the legs/knees. We still train the rotation of the waist as we did in traditional Lama Pai. We adhere to "6 harmony" theory (Luk Hop)

"Chyuhn Choih" is the essential Lama Pai punch. Chyuhn means to pierce, or penetrate. They are NOT "snappy", they extend. They serve both to do damage and to create distance. "Lin Waan Chyuhn Choih" (Continuous Penetrating striking) gives us the options of jab, jab + cross, jab + cross + jab, four straight punches, etc.

Combinations similar to boxing combinations are easily conceived because Lama Pai also has
1) Paau (to fling, cast off, throw) representing uppercuts
2) Kahp (to stamp) representing overhands
3) Gok (a horn) representing tight hooks (think of the shape of the horn)
4) So (sweeing) representing long, sweeping hooks
5) Bin (flog, slash, whip) representing whipping strikes such as back fists

The "eight character true essence" also informs all of our hand techniques. It can be roughly translated as "strike the place that has a pulse, never a place that has no pulse, and stretch the arms out while keeping the body away". We use footwork, head movement, evasion, drawing etc in coordination with out striking.

It also means we often fight the person where they are weakest.

If you want to kick, we punch
If you want to punch, we kick
If you want to strike, we may clinch/wrestle
If you want to wrestle, we will avoid and strike

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