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Post  Admin on Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:50 am

We want to make a forum of a higher level and integrity.

We just ask that you observe the rules.

1. You must use your real name or be banned.
2. Approval in the forum is based on your fight experience, contributions to the IMA world, special invitation only.
This is a forum for fighters by fighters, and people who train to keep martial arts as a fighting system over health system.
3. Invitations have gone out to respected members of the martial arts community known to have fought in events.
some include the living masters:
4. Please refrain from harsh language, creating enemies, and issuing challenges, it will not be tolerated.
5. Uninvited: This means you must announce your fight record, fight experience, videos, news articles, or people who know you as a competitor, or your other contributions. YouTube’s of you pushing or sparring your student or friend do not count as fight experience.
6. There is intention to add more categories- please let us know:
Muay thai, Boxing, BJJ, Etc.

Please be aware after registration your membership has to be approved, this is to prevent spammers, jokers, bots, and all other people not qualified to post.

thank You

Matt Stampe
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